Banco will be going under construction till further notice. Major changes.


Sorry for the shitty blog lately, people. Had to pretend to care about some dumb little girl. Back to normal.

Thanks for staying around and for your support. Shout me out and let’s spice up our blogs a bit. ufeelme.

Speaking of shout outs, the boys at Dapper Quiet are…

Also https://soundcloud.com/dapper-Shabazz




The rest of our music out so far


Check out surback // “Molotov” in the bedroom

I’m fidgety, eager or whatever you want to call it to make a song with this woman. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful. Sadly my recording situations have been on hold for a while, hopefully soon though. I’m happy enough that she agreed to make a collab. But please just listen to her take you away.

Check out Sebastian Soul though, I recorded this Monday at Smash Studios

The rain surely didn’t stop us last night

The rain surely didn’t stop us last night

shabazzwentloco and I performing last night at Smash Studios.

Emotions are temporary, fraudulent, and hollow.